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From the Editor: April May 2012

Laura Aiken   

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Big news!

We are thrilled to bring our readers the inaugural Canadian Pizza Business Forum on Tuesday, June 26, in Waterloo, Ont.

We are thrilled to bring our readers the inaugural Canadian Pizza Business Forum on Tuesday, June 26, in Waterloo, Ont. It promises to be an interactive day of expert advice and great ideas our readers need for their future success. We wanted to create a day on which pizzeria owners and managers could hear and learn from each other’s success, directly from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, and this day is largely just that. We’re bringing you expertise from inside the industry in the form of tried and true strategies that have worked for other pizzaiolos just like you.  You’ll even have a chance to share your own ideas with your pizza industry peers.

I am very thankful for the wonderful support that’s behind this event. We have not one but two internationally recognized and hugely successful independent operators coming to speak. Diana Coutu, our keynote and marketing master, and Scott Anthony, North American industry veteran and guru of publicity, are both making the trip from Winnipeg and Pennsylvania, respectively, to share their strategies with you. We have a panel of three award-winning pizzeria operators lined up to tell you how they are out-competing the big chains. We are bringing in Jonas Cohen, a first-rate business advisor from Fuller Landau Chartered Accountants & Business Advisors to field your most pressing business and financial questions. You’ll also find trade show vendors so you can check out products and chat with suppliers.

Sound good yet? I bet my bottom dollar it’s going to be informative and fun. You can register online, check out the ad on page 25 for further details or by mail. Call me (416-522-1595) or e-mail ( with any questions.


In other news, you’ll see words of advice from another great success story gracing our cover. Congratulations to Cory Medd, this year’s Canadian Pizza magazine Chef of the Year. This is Medd’s second time taking the Chef of the Year title since winning in 2008. 

I’m fresh from a whirlwind tour of food shows, starting with Europain, an international baking show in Paris followed directly by the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas. With just one day at home to do laundry between trips, I must say this was one of the more interesting cultural juxtapositions to find oneself in: Paris, the city of love, and Las Vegas, the city of sin. However different they may be, both places have a great passion or food. All great cities do, just like all great pizza is crafted by people who have an incredible zest for the pie. However you came to your passion for pizza, I am betting it wasn’t through a business degree and a plan to become a small business owner. Most entrepreneurs are masters of their trade first and learn about business by default.

It’s easy to get swept away by the excitement of great food and the creativity of producing it, but it’s not going to run your business better.

 However, attending industry events that allow you to focus on your business will. This is why it’s so important to go to shows and conferences and why we felt it was really important to bring you the Canadian Pizza Business Forum. It’s an opportunity to go to business school for a day, get reinvigorated about your restaurant and take home ideas that are going to make you more money. Food’s great but it tastes even better when it turns a tidy profit.

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