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Food safety tool offers traceability for consumers

By Canadian Pizza   


April 20, 2010, U.S. – Purfresh, a provider of clean technologies that preserve food in transport, has released a new program that tracks the condition of produce being shipped in refrigerated marine containers.

Intellipur features “intelligent traceability” which gives exporters, importers and consumers the ability to track and receive notifications and alerts for food shipments.

Purfresh says that Intellipur features real time GPS location, trip reports and temperature alerts.

“Delivering food to the world involves a complex global supply chain that encompasses many segments and players,” said David Cope, president and CEO of Purfresh. “One of the most important and longest segments of this supply chain is ocean transportation. Unfortunately, this segment comes with high risk and limited visibility. As admirable as the industry’s traceability efforts are, the current methods are not designed to address the very conditions that determine food quality and safety in transit. Purfresh addresses these needs with Intellipur.”


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