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Famoso donates sauce proceeds to MealShare program

Vancouver – For the second year, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria is selling its hand-made Campania sauce for a limited time and donating all proceeds to the chain’s non-profit organizatio, which aims to feed people in need.

For every jar of Campania sauce sold, one meal will be given to someone in need locally, Famoso said in a news release.

Last year, Famoso raised over $17,000 through their Campania sales and donated the entire proceeds to Mealshare. This enabled the charity to provide more than 5,000 meals to people in need through their partner charities. The remaining funds were used by Mealshare to expand their buy-one, give-one program to more restaurants to create even more impact.

This year Famoso has expanded its program to Toronto. Like last year, 100 per cent of profits from the jars will be donated to Mealshare, a non-profit organization.


The Mealshare program works as follows: When a diner orders a Mealshare menu item at any of their partner restaurants, one meal is provided to someone in need, with no extra action or payment from the customer. Similarly, for every jar of Campania sauce sold this year, one meal will be provided to someone in need right in the community the jar was purchased in.

“The Campania program was amazing last year. We were able to work together to provide thousands of meals to hungry people – at a time where giving is close to our hearts – and Famoso also provided us with funding to help grow our model into new cities and partner with more restaurants,” said Andrew Hall, Mealshare’s co-founder. “It’s really selfless of them to encourage us to be working with other restaurants, but they do it because it’s what’s best for the community.”

“We really enjoyed working with Mealshare last year, and were excited to see the impact they made with the funding,” said Justin Lussier, founder and CEO of Famoso,. “It’s been great watching Mealshare grow and helping them where we can along the way.”

The sauce can be purchased for $8 at any Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. The campaign launched in mid-November and will run until the end of December or until sold out.