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Exceed Expectations With A Mobile Terminal

By Brian Green   

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Nearly two-thirds of Canadians use cards for purchases

Pulling out the plastic has become the way to pay for
everything. Over the past several years, Canada has witnessed a
dramatically changing electronic payments landscape.

7767973Pulling out the plastic has become the way to pay for everything. Over the past several years, Canada has witnessed a dramatically changing electronic payments landscape.

Consumers don’t just have a preference for paying by plastic, but more importantly have an expectation that their cards will be accepted in every payment situation. 

A study conducted by Leger Marketing found that nearly two-thirds of Canadians (65 per cent) prefer to use their debit or credit card for their purchases. For purchases in the range of $25 to $75, debit is the preferred method of payment for about half of Canadians (49 per cent), followed by credit (25 per cent) and cash (24 per cent).   


Businesses invest a lot of their time and money into having the right product offering, developing programs that will attract new customers, and into creating an experience that ensures repeat customer visits. However, just how easy is it for your customers to do business with you? How seamless is the ever-important final step in the purchase relationship – the payment experience? One technology that makes it very easy for customers to do business with eat-in, sit-down and delivery pizzerias, corporate chains and pizza restaurants are Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals.   

Mobile POS terminals are ideal for businesses within the Canadian pizza industry that require the flexibility, reliability, security and convenience of a wireless POS solution.

Mobile options enable you and your staff to improve customer service by quickly accepting and processing debit and credit payment from customers – wherever they are – on the road, on the patio, at the door, at the table, or at an event. 

The transaction time for accepting a card with a mobile terminal can actually be less than with a standard dial-up terminal, depending on the coverage and the type of mobile device. In addition, using a mobile device to process payment transactions could allow businesses to enjoy a lower, discount rate compared to manual paper-based credit card transactions, as transactions are authorized and processed electronically. 

Let’s not forget about the simplicity and safety of accepting payments by credit and debit cards. By processing transactions electronically, you are reducing the amount of cash you, or your employees, carry and funds are deposited directly into your bank account within 48 business hours. Also, customers don’t need to fumble around their wallets or purses for cash tips, as many mobile POS terminals support tip functionality.   

As you explore the world of mobile technology, make sure the terminal you rent and the provider you partner with offers the following benefits: ability to process debit and credit card transactions quickly and securely via the wireless 1XRTT network; supports tip functionality for debit and credit card transactions; built-in thermal printer with simple paper roll loading; easy-to-read backlit LCD display; long-lasting, rechargeable battery pack and online access to daily card transaction data and monthly consolidated statements.

This is just a preliminary glimpse into the world of mobile terminals. Before you start renting one, speak to other business owners who use them, read industry articles and review product information from the providers that will support your mobile payment processing needs. •

Brian Green is vice-president of Moneris Solutions, Canada’s largest provider of credit and debit card payment services for merchants in virtually every industry segment, handling more than two billion transactions a year. With more than 350,000 merchant locations, Moneris provides the hardware, software and systems needed to improve business efficiency and manage point-of-sale information. For more information call 1-866-MONERIS or visit

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