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Endocube racks up savings for Pizza Pizza

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endocube_product_image_editedNovember 24, 2011 – Pizza Pizza has taken a huge slice off the cost of running their refrigeration units since installing the Endocube Food Safety & Energy Saving Device in 103 restaurants.

The circulating air temperature inside a refrigerator tends to rise more quickly than food temperature, so units tend to work harder than necessary to maintain stored products at the proper temperature.

Endocube changes the way a refrigerator operates by measuring product temperature rather than the air temperature around the product. The cube is made of a non-toxic wax food simulant that mimics food temperature. It is designed to fit around the fridge's temperature sensor, making the fridge respond to the temperature of the food, rather than the temperature of the air inside the fridge.

"Pizza Pizza purchased and installed the Endocube control device for 103 of our franchise locations in 2009 and 2010, following a lengthy testing phase which demonstrated energy savings of greater than 15 per cent and a reduction in compressor starts and stops of over 50 per cent," wrote Steve Poole, Pizza Pizza's director of construction and maintenance.


Pizza Pizza also qualified for a $2,500 energy rebate from Toronto Hydro following installation of the Endocube units.

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