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About Us

A Message From Our Sponsor

Pizzerias are facing tough challenges in today's market. Rising inflation and increased labour costs are eating into your profits, making it harder than ever to keep your business thriving.

There's a proven, affordable solution to help you not only weather these storms but also make your online orders explode today.

Let us introduce you to Text Alerts, a game-changer that's already helped businesses like Pizza Salvatoré and Papa Leo’s Pizza get more sales instantly.

Increase Online Orders Instantly!

Raange's SMS Marketing Solution is your key to increased online orders, higher customer engagement, and unprecedented returns on investment.

In an era where customers are glued to their phones, text messaging offers a direct and highly effective way to reach them - 90% of people open and read text messages in the first few minutes! And a mind-blowing 25X ROI on your marketing spend.

Yes, you read that right - 25 times their marketing investment returned in revenue!

Why Work with Raange?
  1. Increase Online Orders: Raange's Text Alerts help you connect with your customers instantly. With a remarkable 98% open rate, your offers will reach your audience, and your online orders will soar.
  2. Raange is a 100% Canadian-owned and operated business!
  3. We help you get started! From account setup to your first campaign, work with real people to make sure you have the winning formula.
SMS marketing with Raange really works. Your online orders and sales will be instant and ongoing and your customers will love the convenience. Make Text Alerts a part of your monthly marketing mix.

Book a Call and Get our Starter Rate of 50% Off Your First Month

Don't let inflation and labour costs cut into your pizzeria's profits any longer. Make a smart move for your pizzeria's future. Get started with Raange today, and watch your profits rise.

6500 TransCanadian Highway, Suite 400
Pointe-Claire, Quebec,
Tel: 1.844.472.2643
Email: info@raange.com