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Dometic develops temperature-controlled delivery box after studying home food delivery business

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Dometic has developed a temperature-controlled delivery box to help meet customer demand for food delivered at the right temperature.

The company recently commissioned a study that suggests more than half of study participants would order more frequently if food was delivered at the right temperature.

While consumer demands for delivery platforms and food options have soared, products and product technology have noticeably lagged behind, Dometic said in a press release.

Dometic designed DeliBox to provide restaurants, third-party platforms and ghost kitchens with a reliable product that preserves the quality and temperature of food or other perishables throughout the delivery process. With separate compartments and two dedicated temperature zones it offers both active heating (all models) and active cooling (premium model) elements to keep food at optimal temperatures throughout the delivery journey. With a capacity to handle multiple orders, the DeliBox features an air purification system with cold plasma Ion technology to ensure a clean interior atmosphere devoid of lingering odours.


Pulling data from two independent reports: Food & Friends Food Report 2021 and Statista Online Food Delivery Report 2021, Dometic’s sutdy, 2021 Home Food Delivery Trends and Innovations, takes a closer look at the marketplace and the factors driving the industry. The report suggests that the market landscape for delivery will continue to rise at a yearly growth rate of 13 per cent. The report suggests that by 2025 platform-to-consumer will be the leading category in the delivery space. The study finds that 87 per cent of Americans who use third-party food delivery services do so because it makes their lives easier. However, more than half would order delivery more often if it was delivered at the right temperature.

“The main insights reaffirm our reasons for developing DeliBox,” Karlsson said. “We realized there was no solution in the market that guarantees restaurant quality delivery throughout the delivery chain. The Dometic DeliBox gives restaurants, ghost kitchens and third party delivery apps, peace of mind in knowing the food being delivered will arrive safely and at the temperature it is meant to be served at.”

The data Dometic shares in its home food delivery white paper is based on independent reports from two major market research organizations: Food and Friends, a Stockholm-based communications agency for food and beverages and Statista, a globally operating provider of market and consumer data. It is available at Detailed information is available at

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