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Dometic and CAKE partner on first food delivery contract in Italy

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Swedish companies Dometic and CAKE announced their first joint contract with Pizza Smile in Italy. Designed to elevate the customer experience and quality of food, Dometic’s DeliBox will be paired with CAKE’s e-bike for premium home delivery service.

Pizza Smile was the first pizzeria in Adria in the Rovigo province to provide free home delivery service, starting in 2006. Led by entrepreneur and CEO Gabrio Tessarin, Pizza Smile’s artisanal recipes and digital operations have propelled the restaurant’s significant growth in the region and beyond – carrying out approximately 70,000 home deliveries each year.

The pizzeria will replace its current electric bike fleet with CAKE bikes for an even more efficient, emission-free fleet at a reduced cost, Dometic said in a press release. Dometic’s DeliBox will help sustain the temperature and quality of the food during the entire delivery journey – from the restaurant’s kitchen to the customer’s door.

Dometic DeliBox provides temperature zones for active heating and active cooling to ensure food and other perishables are kept at optimal temperatures throughout the delivery route. Its design and engineering offer a valuable differentiator for restaurants as well as retail, hospitality, and other industries responsible for transporting food to guests.


The parties have signed a new leasing contract starting with small-scale premium delivery with an aim of expanding the service area and consumers in the coming months.,

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