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Delivery: Why stop on land?

Laura Aiken   

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A Godfathers’ Pizza franchise in Springfield, IL, is now
offering shore-side deliveries for boaters. While there currently no
boat-to-boat deliveries to speak of yet, the new routes may open up new money
for the pizzeria. If your store is in cottage country, it may be worthwhile
investigating the pros and cons of waterway delivery.

From a logistics standpoint, delivering a pizza to a beach
would be a nightmare. A sea of bodies simply doesn’t have an address. But if
you had specific sites that you delivered to, then you could have boaters meet
you at a marina or dock. Catering to boaters may be one way to capture those in
transit, as they may be boating through your area but not own a cottage there.
You could even come up with a special fisherman’s lunch. If you’re a pizzeria
near water and you’ve found a way to cater to the boating crowd, are already
delivering to them, or know of a store that is, I’d love to hear from you.   

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