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Cruise line offers ‘Pizza Anywhere’ app

By Canadian Pizza   


Miama, FL – The Carnival Cruise Line has added to its service app a pizza-ordering feature that encourages guests to take a selfie and order pizza directly to their location on the ship.

The Carnival Cruise Line Hub App allows guest on its North American-based ships to make purchases before their vacation and to check in online.

Its “Pizza Anywhere” function is available on 11 ships and is expected to be available on all of its ships later this year, Carnival said in a news release.

To order a pizza, guests may click on the ship’s map to mark their location, take a selfie to identify themselves and select their desired pizza and toppings. Five hand-tossed pizzas are available: margherita, funghi, prosciutto, pepperoni and quattro formaggi.


Pizzas are cooked to order and delivered hot to the guest’s location on board. The cost of $5 per pizza is automatically charged to the guest’s shipboard account. Carnival is planning to add beverages to the pizza orders as a pilot project.

Launched in 2015, Carnival’s Hub App is available in Apple App and Google Play stores and more than five million total downloads.

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