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Company launches free COVID-19 workplace screening tool

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Toronto – Couch & Associates has launched a free COVID-19 employee screening tool to help businesses  enable employee self-screening and report the results to the designated administrator.

The tool is free to set up and run employee screening for as long as required, with no trial period or hidden costs, the company said in a news release.

The package consists of a branded screening site, standardized questions in line with health officials’ latest guidance, and an integration with Google Sheets, a customer relationship management or human resources system, for reporting purposes. Employers can also include multiple locations and custom employee identifiers.

Businesses in regions that have implemented bylaws requiring employee screening will be able to meet those requirements using the free tool.


“With everything going on, we thought about how to provide a valuable solution that will have a positive impact,” said Mike Couch, Couch & Associates’ managing partner. “To really achieve this, the core product needed to be free so that any organization could adopt it.”

Extra features available as paid add-ons include custom database integrations and QR code authentication. These are aimed at large organizations with multiple locations.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19, Couch & Associates developed a patient management system that enabled Women’s College Hospital to achieve among the highest testing rates across Canadian COVID-19 assessment centres. After that success, the hospital became an early adopter of the workplace screening tool.

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