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Chef Bou-Younes to assist with Chef of the Year Competitions

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Chef Michael Bou-Younes will be assisting competitors during our Chef of the Year Competitions. Don't be surprised to see him sporting a ref uniform and whistle!

Meet Michael Bou-Younes, talented chef and lead trainer at the Faema Culinary Academy! Bou-Younes will be manning the ovens, assisting competitors and generally playing ref for the day to keep things running smoothly at the Canadian Pizza Summit and Chef of the Year Competitions on Oct. 21.

A bit about Michael: began his culinary journey in his grandmother’s backyard as a child during summers in Lebanon. “She had her own chickens for eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers would be brought in from the countryside by one uncle, while another uncle would oversee the butchering of the animals. Everything was done with a focus on exceptional ingredients and simple, yet ancient, cooking techniques.”

Back in Canada, the 17-year-old began working at a classic Italian pizzeria on the lakeshore in Toronto. Learning very quickly under the family owned Calabrian team, he honed his pizza-making skills before moving to the downtown core to pursue a career in the culinary arts. While also studying journalism at York university, the young chef continued to work in busy kitchens, learning the fundamentals that can only be gained by tough service after tough service.

Michael found his way back to pizza, assuming the Regional Chef di Cucina Role at Pizzeria Libretto from 2012 to 2018. This opportunity provided working trips to Rome, Naples and Florence, where he absorbed the tricks and secrets of some of Italy’s top pizzerias and bakeries.

Chef Michael is ecstatic to pass this information onto his students as he assumed the role of lead trainer at the Faema Culinary Academy in 2018, working with industry professionals, culinary masters, and home pizzaiolos on a daily basis.

“I’m very excited to meet all the competitors this year and see what incredible ideas they come up with! I am also very honoured to be the official “referee” for the 2019 Canadian Pizza Summit and I will make sure all competitors have an equal opportunity to shine. The talent level was very high last year I think the 2019 summit will be the most fun and competitive year to date!”

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