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Expanded Pizza Show set for Oct. 19

Colleen Cross   


April 9, 2015, Simcoe, Ont. – The Canadian Pizza Show is set for Oct. 19, 2015, and this year bragging rights are at stake in three exciting new categories.

Canadian pizzaiolos will go head to head showcasing serious skills for a chance at the Canadian Pizza Chef of the Year title. This year we add three exciting new events: a Champion of Champions Challenge for past winners, Junior Chef of the Year for the younger crowd, and the Great Pizza Box Fold-Off for, well, pretty much anyone who works in a pizzeria.

Another difference this year: because the contests will happen throughout the day in tandem with our speaker program, attendees will have plenty of opportunity to watch the dough fly, hear great speakers, check out new products on the trade show floor and socialize with fellow pizza operators at the end of the day.

Watch for details and regular updates about the competitions and speakers here.


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