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Canadian Pizza Podcast: Chat with reigning Pizza Box Fold-Off champ James Timothy

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Future box-folding champs? James Timothy clowns around with his children, Grace and Finn. Photo: Sarah Timothy

Welcome to Canadian Pizza Podcast. Folding pizza boxes is an essential part of the pizza operation. James Timothy is our reigning Great Pizza Box Fold-Off champion. James won the last two Great Canadian Pizza Box Fold-Offs at the Canadian Pizza Summit. In October 2019, Timothy folded 10 large boxes in 42.55 seconds, besting his time the previous year of one minute, 3.7 seconds.

Think you’re a fast folder? Enter this year’s virtual Great Pizza Box Fold-Off, sponsored by Lallemand Baking. Check out the Fold-Off rules and send a video of yourself folding 10 large boxes to the editor at (please see rules for details). Most importantly, register now for this free event!

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