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Canadian chefs name top food trends

Toronto – The annual Chefs Survey’s top 10 trends and top 10 up-and-coming trends were identified this week at a Restaurants Canada industry event.

Hot Trends
Craft beer/microbrews
Food smoking
House-made condiments/sauces
Sustainable seafood
Gluten-free and food allergy conscious
Dark leafy greens (for example, kale and Swiss chard)
Sous vide
Locally sourced foods (locavore)

Up-and-Coming Trends
Filipino cuisine
Artisan/house-made ice cream
Imperfect/ugly produce
Ancient grains
Drinkable desserts
Ethnic cheeses (for example, queso fresco and paneer)
New cuts of meat (for example, shoulder tender and oyster steak)
Gourmet lemonade (for example, made in-house)
Specialty iced tea (for example, Thai-style and southern/sweet)