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Tuesday night I locked up my pizzeria, just like I would any other night, and went home. About an hour later the alarm system went off. Besides being monitored by the security company, my alarm system is also connected to my cell to ring as soon as it goes off.
Tuesday night I locked up my pizzeria, just like I would any other night, and went home. About an hour later the alarm system went off.
There are tons of cleaning products to choose from when it comes to making your pizza store shine. There has been a lot of emphasis in recent years on keeping our environment clean and how each of us can contribute to making it happen. There are constant advertisements on television and in newspapers about different ways and simple solutions to keep our planet green. Along with conventional cleaning products, many stores now offer new brands of non-toxic, biodegradable, and made-from-renewable-resources cleaners. As consumers, we now have a choice that simply wasn’t there before. I recently decided to update my knowledge about this topic and came across some interesting information and considerations that are helping me to choose greener products to suit my needs.
Anyone can get their 15 minutes of fame now, much to the disgust of Domino’s patrons who witnessed the two YouTube bandits and their shenanigans. This is frightening on a number of levels beyond the reach of food tampering. It proved what a publicity nightmare the new social media realm can be.
You may have an abundance of topping choices for pizzas, but one ingredient you don’t want on the menu is pests. In an industry where the customer is always right, restaurateurs should take precautions to make sure diners don’t get a surprise with their meals.
The widespread concern over the state of our food safety continues to dominate headlines. We could go about the scientifics of it all, jump on the blame bandwagon, and such; but the real issue of what it all means to the pizza market on a day to day basis is fairly clear.
The impact of speculation is quite significant in our modern lives. This morning, as I dragged my weary carcass out of the sack, I heard that oil stocks had reached record highs on the speculation that the per barrel cost will hit $200.
A couple weeks from now, a vast number of Canadians will be vowing off “junk food,” crafting grandiose plans to buff up and watch their waist line shrink like the Toronto Maple Leaf defense.
Pests and pizza don’t mix.  Not only can the sight of pests in your pizzeria turn off customers, but flies, rodents and cockroaches can transmit bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella that can cause foodborne illness.
On the surface, pizzerias haven’t changed a whole lot in the last 50 years. Just about every independent pizzeria still has the basic deck ovens, a dough machine and phones.
In today’s world, it’s hard to trust anybody, especially employees.
The flames of passion might be what drive us to heat up our sales every day, but a fire in the kitchen can destroy our livelihood. I got the call the other day from the guy who takes care of those avoidable fires in my shop, and just like my dentist he says “Hey, Pizza Dude, it’s time for your cleaning.”
First of all, before I even get to my article this month, I would like to tell all my readers that I am now the proud father of a baby boy.
When it comes to Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Standards, every member of the industry is a partner in managing the risks associated with food processing and foodservice.
Though invisible to the human eye, bacteria are omni-present in kitchens – both at home and in restaurants. They can affect food taste, but more importantly they can also impact the safety of the food we eat.
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