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Burger Buddy lets customers enjoy your burgers without the mess

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Burger Buddy is a new, reusable kitchen tool to keep your customers mess-free while enjoying their favourite thick, juicy burger.

While using Burger Buddy, your customers can keep their hands free from touching used napkins while keeping the condiments and toppings in place. The bottom even pops up for those last few bites.

Burger Buddy also expands to fit double or triple patties and can be used for virtually any type of messy food, including stacked sandwiches, crumbly muffins and more. Burger Buddy is also dishwasher safe and has an adaptive design for eating on the go.

By placing the juicy, topping-filled burger inside the expandable gusset, the corrugated material compresses to hold the sandwich inside, keeping the toppings from falling out of the bottom. It also provides a paper-free barrier between the food and germ-laden hands.


“Burger Buddy is the ideal solution for messy eaters, parents of messy eaters, or anyone who wants to use fewer napkins to enjoy some of their favourite messy foods,” said Ismail Miah, creator of Burger Buddy, in a press release. People with disabilities are another group of customers who may benefit by using the new tool.

Burger Buddy is dishwasher safe and made of BPA-free silicone. Its patent-pending design features a u-shaped notch that exposes the centre of the food while providing adequate coverage to contain it. It’s flexible, so food is pushed up from the bottom as you eat. Colours are premium grey, majestic pink, sunset orange and ocean blue.

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