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Beyond Oil extends life of frying oil

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Globally inspired fooe chain strEATS will begin introducing Beyond Oil into its 22 restaurants across Canada starting December 2022.

Beyond Oil Ltd. is a food-tech innovation company extending the life of frying oil, reducing costs and waste.

The product integrates with existing processes as a processing aid or as a filter aid, the company said in a press release. The process includes passive microfiltration designed to remove all components through a combination of active filtration by the powder and passive filtration by a microfiltration paper. This process ensures no residue is left in the oil while maximizing the efficiency of removing other degradation particles.

Characteristics and benefits of Beyond Oil include frying oils recovery. Extensive testing indicates that Beyond Oil’s product extends the usable life of frying oil, improves product quality, and reduces frying oil costs. As a preferential adsorbent, the product reduces soluble impurities formed during the frying process that cause damaging free fatty acids (“FFA”) and polar compound formation, undesirable odors, off-flavours, and off-colours. The product is simple to integrate into existing daily filtration processes.

The company says the Beyond Oil product can eliminate FFA almost completely without damaging oil quality. This solution compares to other filter powders that have existed for years that can only marginally reduce FFA levels.

Use of the product could potentially dramatically lower costs for quick service restaurants by significantly extending the useful life of the oil while retaining the original taste profile.

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