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Bertuzzo wins world champion pizzaiolo

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March 19,
2009, Las Vegas, NV – Grazziano Bertuzzo
of Italy has captured the World’s Best Traditional Pizza and World Champion Pizzaiolo titles at the International
Pizza Challenge.

earned $10,000
for his best traditional pizza and an additional $500 after clinching a
bake-off for the champion crown between himself and Non-Traditional Pizza
division winner Scot Cosentino of
Staten Island, NY. Cosentino also walked away with $10,000 for his
non-traditional win.

The World
Pizza Games coincided with the International Pizza Challenge, all being held
during the International Pizza Expo from March 10 to 12. The winners by event
are as follows:

1st Division
Freestyle Acrobatics
First Place – Justin Wadstein, Kianti's Pizza & Pasta Bar, Santa Cruz, CA
Second Place – Akaogi Dazuya, Aromavita, Japan
Third Place – Jamie Culliton, Grimaldi's Tucson, AZ


Fastest Dough
First Place – Richard Allen, Cousin Vinnie's Pizza, Dayton, OH
Second Place – Bruno DiFabio, Country Cottage, Buffalo, NY
Third Place – Giuseppe Lucia, 210 Giglio Pizzeria, Italy

Fastest Box Folding
First Place – Justin Stokes, Sparky's Pizzeria, Urbana, OH
Second Place – Mo Rashad, Cousin Vinnie's Pizzeria, Dayton, OH
Third Place – Mike Kelly, Grimaldi's Tucson, AZ

Largest Dough
First Place – Spencer Glenn, Pizza of My Heart, San Jose, CA
Second Place – Eric Corbin, Grimaldi's, Tucson, AZ
Third Place – Giuseppe Lucia, 210 Giglio Pizzeria, Italy

Longest Spin
First Place – Akaogi Kazuya, Aromavita, Japan
Second Place – Jamie Culliton, Grimaldi's, Tucson, AZ
Third Place – David Sommers, Mad Mushroom Pizza, West Lafayette, IN

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