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Beer-infused pizza dough

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Beer You Can Eat, a new company out of Toronto, is offering bars, restaurants, breweries and pizzerias a new way to enjoy beer and pizza through its beer-infused dough.

The dough also can be used to make focaccia, dough balls and calzones.

It is shipped frozen in cases of 50, thaws quickly in the refrigerator and is of pizza-oven quality. It can be baked in a 450-degree oven in under 10 minutes.

Using specialized Italian and French bread techniques, founder Dan O’Connor has developed a dough that produces a light, tender pizza with a unique texture and beer flavour notes (and no residual alcohol).


Ingredients consist of flour, beer, water, vegetable oil, salt, yeast and sugar. The dough includes gluten and is made in a facility that also processes nuts. Each case holds 12 units of dough weighing 250 grams each. There is a minimum order of three cases. Freezer storage life is three months.

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