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B.C. food trucks helping truckers at key locations

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British Columbia – Food trucks are being set up at provincially owned locations throughout British Columbia to support commercial truck drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The B.C. government is eliminating the usual restrictions and fees for food-truck operators who want to set up on key stops for commercial truck drivers, in locations where it is safe to do so, at the currently reduced traffic volumes. Vendors are operating at rest areas, weigh scales and other commercial truck pullouts throughout the Lower Mainland and southern Interior, with more expected to be added in the coming weeks.

Current locations on provincial property with permitted food trucks, providing commercial truck drivers with more food options during their travels are the Nordel CVSE Inspection Station in Delta, the Zopkios Brake Check on Highway 5, (approximately 57 kilometres north of Hope), the Britton Creek Rest Area on Highway 5 (approximately 62 kilometres south of Merritt), and the Kamloops Weigh Scale in City of Kamloops, where food is served free of cost by the Salvation Army once a week. Operating times will vary at the locations, the province said in a news release.

In a separate program, members of the BC Trucking Association have spearheaded the Meals for Truck Drivers BC pilot, setting up food trucks at various commercial cardlocks throughout the province. Restaurants have also reopened many locations along Canadian highways for takeout and restroom use for commercial drivers.


Commercial truck drivers play an important role in maintaining the supply chain by delivering essential goods during the COVID-19 pandemic, the release said. The drivers ensure people around the province continue to have access to the items they need, including food and medicine. For these reasons, the ministry is working in collaboration with private food truck operators in order to help provide more options for truck drivers on their routes.

B.C. also has recently completed the installation of more than 25 portable toilets at commercial pullouts and inspection stations in the province to improve travel for commercial truck drivers.

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