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Atlantic pizza chain gives back to Canadian military families

June 16, 2014
By Canadian Pizza

June 17, 2014, Truro, N.S. – Greco Pizza is adopting True Patriot Love as its corporate non-profit organization.

June 17, 2014, Truro, N.S. – Greco Pizza is adopting True Patriot Love as its corporate non-profit organization.

True Patriot Love (TPL) is a national charitable organization founded in 2009 by corporate and community leaders to bridge the divide between the military and civilian worlds. The foundation raises funds to support programs that assist military families in three key areas: family health and support, physical health and rehabilitation, and mental health and well-being. Since TPL's inception, it has raised over $18 million to assist military members, veterans, and their families.

"This is a great organization and we are pleased to offer our support to their many programs" said Michael Whittaker, president of Grinners Food Systems Limited, franchisor of the Truro-based Greco Pizza chain, in a media statement. "We truly believe we all owe a great deal to the military families of this country and we're proud to be able to offer our support."


Whittaker said that support will come through various means, including raising awareness on the company's packaging, websites and flyers. "We also intend to hold a few fundraisers over the next year."
Since its inception, True Patriot Love has provided more than $570,000 to send children of military families to camp, including through a new National Camp Program that will give military children a chance to experience summer camp with their peers. Camp programs are an important part of the family and mental health support that True Patriot Love provides as they give children a chance to get away from the daily stresses of the military reality. Military families are three times more likely to move than ordinary families, and the frequent relocations can make it difficult for children to adapt to new communities. Summer camps are a tremendous help. True Patriot Love has also funded youth programs through Military Family Resource Centres located on bases across Canada.

"We appreciate the support of the team at Greco Pizza. We could not do the work we do without the support of private corporations like theirs, who care about the military families in their communities and all over the country. Greco Pizza is a wonderful partner for us because they are already well-known in their communities and are passionate about wanting to support the brave men and women who have made real sacrifices in service to their country," said Bronwen Evans, managing director of True Patriot Love, in the statement.

True Patriot Love hosted a 2014 Atlantic Provinces Tribute Dinner on June 12 in Halifax. As part of its support, Greco pizza purchased a "Hero's Table" at the event.