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Athens Mini Fillo Shells Filled With Possibilities

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minishellsAthens Mini Fillo Shells, made from light, flaky layers
of fillo dough, help create the ultimate menu item – something that
looks time-consuming, but isn’t.

minishellsAthens Mini Fillo Shells, made from light, flaky layers of fillo dough, help create the ultimate menu item – something that looks time-consuming, but isn’t.

Fully baked and fresh frozen, Mini Fillo Shells are perfect for hot and cold hors d’oeuvres and appetizers. They can simply be filled and served, or filled and re-baked.

Available in tomato (red), spinach (green), corn (yellow) and black bean (black), the mini fill shells add colour and flare to plate presentations.


Because the filling possibilities are endless, Athens also offers a variety of filling ideas and recipes in their Easy to Elegant Filling Recipes book.

For more information call 216-831-8580.

Autofry Introduces Countertop Model
Autofry, a manufacturer of automated deep frying systems has introduced the MTI-40C – a ventless, fully-enclosed and automated dual-basket, countertop deepfryer. 

The MTI-40C is capable of producing up-to 100lbs of product per hour. 

The Autofry Model MTI-40C can produce high product capacity in venues where venting is not feasible and when employee safety is of paramount concern.

For more information, visit or call 1-800-AUTOFRY.

Hobart Legacy
legacymixer_copyHobart’s Legacy mixer, recognized for its exclusive swing-out bowl, is now available in 20-quart and 60-quart bowl sizes.

It is the first mixer to introduce the swing-out bowl, which makes it easy to add ingredients, take out product, and change and mount bowls.

Other Legacy models include the five-quart tabletop version and the 140-quart floor model.

The Legacy has undergone many changes, including an easier-to-clean design, but will maintain the same mixing speeds chefs have relied on for mix consistency.

For more information, visit Hobart’s website at

Electric Thermal Storage Heating Cools Utility Costs
Just in time for winter, Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) for commercial and industrial users is a low-cost heating solution designed to store electricity, as heat, during hours when energy costs are lower and kW demand charges are not incurred.

The Steffes ThermElect system is a central forced-air furnace.  During demand-free off-peak hours, the ETS automatically converts electricity into heat and stores that heat in a specially designed high-density ceramic brick core. 

ThermElect has a programmable, microprocessor-based control system that provides customer with flexible, customized control over heating settings. 

For more information call 888-783-3337 or visit

Photo-Quality Pizzeria Labels
The new LX800 Color Label Printer from Primera Technology prints hi-resolution photos and barcodes on food labels.

“Many pizza makers are using the LX800 to print box-end and individual product labels at retail,” PR manager, Amie Hoffner told Canadian Pizza Magazine.

The LX800 inkjet prints full-color, photo-quality images and photos. Print resolution is 4800 dpi and printed labels are waterproof and scratchproof.

For more information, call 800-797-2772 or visit

New Polypro Containers
Genpak presents their new Smart Set Pro polypropylene microwave containers for convenient food display, heating and carry-out.

The containers provide durability and the leak resistance required for hot dishes of complete meals, side items, soups and appetizers. Attractive, multi-sided black bases are matched with translucent, leak free lids that snap in, stack and travel well for multiple orders. Smart Set Pro containers hold hot and cold food temperatures and conveniently microwave for reheating food with ease.  The new containers are available in a variety of sizes: 16, 24, 32 and 48 oz. These two-piece containers are also available in combo case packs (lids and bases all in one case).

Visit for more information call 800-626-6695 x.272.

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