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Ardent Mills Flour Mill in Streetsville, Ont., helps protect Credit River

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Streetsville, Ont. – Team members at the local Ardent Mills Flour Mill who are helping the Ministry of Natural Resources and Fishery (MNRF) protect the Credit River, designated as “sanctuary land” from poaching.

This important effort allows salmon to spawn every year and the Ministry to collect the eggs to restock the lakes in Ontario.

“The flour mill was built in1835 along the banks of the Credit River which provided a great location and a significant water flow to power the mill until the late 1950s,” said Anthony Pracek, Ardent Mills’ Streetsville plant manager, in a news release. “Today the Credit River provides beautiful scenery behind the mill, where the salmon spawn nearby, either below the dam or beyond the fish ladder.”

“Each spring, as part of Ardent Mills’ company-wide Month of Service across Canada, the U.S. and Puerto Rico, all our employees are given opportunities to participate in local volunteer events ranging from park clean ups to food sorting at the food bank,” said Buck VanNiejenhuis, general manager for Canada.


“As responsible corporate citizens, Ardent Mills team members pursue sustainability and environmental improvements that benefit our team members, our customers, and our communities. Being stewards of the river is just one way we can contribute in Streetsville,” he added.

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