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AI-powered ‘peer-to-peer’ ordering platform for pizzerias

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Photo: PizzaBox

PizzaBox is building a database of independent pizza restaurants in the United States to connect customers directly with their favourite pizza spots using advanced data mining and AI technology from RestoGPT AI.

PizzaBox announced the development of a “peer-to-peer anti-marketplace” for local pizzerias. The platform marks a significant departure from traditional third-party marketplaces, offering customers a direct, transparent and hyper-local way to discover and order from pizzerias.

Unlike conventional marketplaces that serve as intermediaries and charge up to 30 per cent in commission, PizzaBox AI connects customers directly with local pizzerias with the goal of fostering a sense of community and personalized service, without taking a percentage cut.

“Our mission is to redefine the online ordering experience for both customers and pizzerias,” said Vincent Chaglasyan, co-founder of RestoGPT AI, in a press release.


The company outlines several features of the platform. Pizzerias can join the platform in minutes, compared to the weeks or months required by traditional marketplaces. There is no commission. PizzaBox AI shares customer data directly with restaurants, allowing them to build stronger relationships with their clientele.

Each pizzeria on the platform receives a fully branded storefront, allowing them to showcase their unique identity and products and has the flexibility to use both in-house and on-demand drivers.

PizzaBox AI streamlines and automates the ordering and menu management process to help ensure efficient communication between restaurants, drivers and customers.

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