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A second look at salads

Laura Aiken   



A second look at salads
If portion control for a health-conscious public means eating only
one or two slices, consider having a slew of salads on the menu to fill the hunger
left behind.

New product launches are on the rise at quick-service
restaurants in an effort stimulate sales in a weak economy, as reported south
of the border. Choices are individual and a new product might not be the fix
for your restaurant, especially if it’s expensive and has little to offer in
the way of long-term viability. However, if you’re bored with your menu and
your staff is preparing it in their sleep, it might be time to generate some
buzz for your clientele and yourself.


Consider adding or increasing the choice of salads to your
menu, even if only for the profitable summertime when vegetables are least
expensive, abundant and fresh. Perhaps allow people to customize their salads
using your menu toppings so they know it was made as fresh as your pizza,
rather than hanging out in a plastic container in a cooler waiting for the
lettuce to wilt as is often perceived.  

Salads allow for creativity as the combinations are
virtually endless. Homemade dressings are easy to make and sound gourmet on
your menu. Most importantly, every one of your customers knows they need to eat
more vegetables so you are doing them a favour by offering an appetizing side
that helps them achieve their goal. In taking care of your customers, one hopes
they will take of you.

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